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Simplifying Sign up for Events & Summer Camp

The first step in the event sign up simplification has arrived: the ability to upload your unit roster.  Just about every unit has a unit roster on a computer somewhere.  Now you can cut and paste that roster into a form that we supply and upload that form onto your unit site.  From then on, your future event and unit signups will be easier.  You will be able to select scouts from a drop down box and have all their information filled in automatically. 

The benefits of this process include:

  • No more typing all your Scout’s information every time you sign up for an event
  • No more searching for key information requested during an event registration
  • No more “fudging” on the information you don’t have at your fingertips when you are signing up for an event.
  • Information to the event coordinator will be accurate and will help the event coordinator meet your unit needs.
  • Emails for Scouts (or their parents) will be accurate (if they are included in the upload) and your unit coordinator will not get multiple emails if an event based notification gets sent out.

The steps to do this are fairly simple:

  1. Gather your roster information
  2. Sign into your MyCouncil account at www.westarkbsa.orgExternal Link and go to your unit roster page on your unit site
  3. Download the template
  4. Cut and paste your information into the template
  5. Purge your old roster information
  6. Upload your new information.

Other than gathering your roster information and entering the information into the template in the correct format, the whole process should take just a couple of minutes.  For the “experienced” individual the process is fairly intuitive and forgiving (you can always purge your roster and reload it).  However, for those who need additional instruction we have attached a step by step tutorial and two FAQs (Unit Website and Unit Roster Upload) .

The information you need for the roster:

  • Required: BSA ID, First name and Last Name
  • Reccomended: email address (the parent’s for any Scout under 13, and can be the parents for any Scout over 13), address, date of birth, sex, and at least one phone number.

Besides your own files, you can get this information from:

  • The charter renewal
  • Internet Advancement
  • MyScouting Tools
  • By sending a request to The roster will be based on the Scoutnet roster as of January 1, 2014.
  • For security reasons, only requests by the registered unit leader, chartered organization rep or committee chair will be completed.We will not send unit roster information to third parties saying that this task has been given to them or to individuals who are not currently registered in one of these three positions).

A special note to Cub Scout Packs:

For many packs a centralizing  sign up and payment for events is not something that you do on a regular basis.  Often this is left up to individual parents, which appears simpler.  Experience from other units show us that signing up by packs or dens have found that unit registrations help them and we encourage you to use the unit registration process.  Other units report that Pack or Den registrations:

  • Provide a service to the parents and increases parent satisfaction with your Pack
  • Help organize your pack for events by knowing, in advance, who is signing up for events
  • Give you access to an online and downloadable event roster
  • Saves money.Refunds are only available in limited situations.Swapping Scouts (Joey can’t come but Larry can) can only be done through a unit registration and ensures that all registrations are used.

How we can help

  • FAQs:Accompanying this email you should have received the following documents: The Unit Website FAQ, The Roster Upload FAQ.You can print these and have them available as you complete the process.
  • Tutorial:This document is also included in this initial email.This may be printed and used as a reference when you complete the roster upload.
  • Throughout these documents we ask that any questions be sent to and identify particular situations that you it is advisable to contact this email address.Multiple individuals get emails sent to this address and experience has shown that this is the fastest way that an individual can get their question answered.

         Unit Roster Upload Tutorial.pdf

         Roster Upload FAQs.pdf


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