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Unit Commissioner


  • Report to the district commissioner or assistant district commussioner as assigned.

  • Help each unit earn the Journey to Excellence award.

  • Use the annual commissioner service plan, with its scheduled opportunities for commissioner contact with units.

  • Know each phase of Scouting and its literature. Be able to describe how each works.

  • Visit meetings of assigned packs/troops/teams/crews regularly, usually once a month.

  • Visit regularly with the unit leader.
    • Be aware of unit leader concerns and challenges.
    • Serve as the unit leader's coach and counselor.
    • Build a strong, friendly relationship.
    • Using the literature and profile sheet, help the leader see opportunities for improvement.
    • Encourage unit participation in district and council events.

  • Work to ensure effective unit committees.
    • Visit with the unit committee periodically.
    • Observe the committee, offer suggestions for improvement, and work to solve problems.

  • See that adult leaders have adequate training.

  • Make certain that proper techniques are used to select and recruit unit leaders.

  • Facilitate on-time charter renewal of all units.
    • Help the units conduct a membership inventory of youth and adults.
    • Help the unit committee chairman conduct the charter renewal meeting.
    • See that a completed charter renewal application is returned to the council service center.
    • Make arrangements to present annually each unit charter at a meeting of the chartered organization.

  • Attend all meetings of the commissioner staff.

  • Become trained:
    • Initial orientation and basic training.
    • Arrowhead Honor and Scouter's Key
    • Annual council commissioner's conference.

  • Set the example.
    • Adopt an attitude of helpfulness.
    • Keep promises.
    • Be concerned about proper uniforming.
    • Be diplomatic.
    • Be a model of Scouting ideals.

  • Know the resources available tot he unit in the neighborhood, district, and council.

  • Conduct own Self-Evaluation on page 51 of the Commissioner Fieldbook.
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