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Roundtable Commissioner


  • Report to the district commissioner.

  • Conduct monthly reoundtable meetings:
    • Develop regualr roundtable plans.
    • Participate in the annual council roundtable planning conference.
    • Meet with the district executive and district commissioner to review the council's master roundtable plan and adapt to the district plans.
    • Lead a monthly roundtable planning session.
    • Use national aids: Boy Scout or Cub Scout Roundtable Planning Guide, Roundtable Planning Sheets, Scouting magazine, Program Helps, Boys' Life, etc.
    • Determine what contributions can be made by resource people, and arrange for their patricipation.
  • Recruit roundtable staff, as needed, to handle program elements, projects, physical arrangements, hosting, and participation.

  • Involve unit adults in training and roundtables.

  • Train roundtable staff:
    • Use the Boy Scout or Cub Scout Roundtable Planning Guide
    • Working well in advance, assign specific roundtable program projects.
    • Follow through with those who have accepted assignments.

  • Promote roundtable attendance:
    • Obtain the unit commissioner's help in bringing new leaders to roundtables.
    • Follow up on units not participating.
    • Keep roundtable attendance records and share them monthly with the district commissioner.

  • Evaluate roundtables:
    • At least twice a year appraise the effectiveness of roundtables.
    • Seek suggestions from unit leaders.
  • Attend monthly commissioner staff meetings; report on the roundtabel program and attendance.
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