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Other Commissioner Resources

Commissioner Training MaterialsExternal Link


Commissioner Service and District Operation Support, AV-06DVD08

The District Nominating Committee, Time—10:00
Part one of this video is designed to train district nominating committees, district chairs, and professional staff members on how to upgrade the quality of district volunteer leadership. It explains district election procedures, the district nominating committee process, and the tools needed to help the nominating committee do its job. A second segment is a summary for showing at a board meeting to help board members see their roles in upgrading the quality of district leadership.

Unit Commissioner's Orientation: Helping Units Succeed, Time—17:10
Discusses the varied roles of the unit commissioner and dramatizes how the unit commissioner and dramatizes how the unit commissioner is a friend, teacher, unit "paramedic," problem solver, and resource person. Unit commissioners are shown working with the unit leader, unit committee, and chartered organization as well as attending meetings to check the unit's "vital signs." Show to all new commissioners as part of their initial orientation. Ask them to view it within 48 hours of their agreeing to serve.

Unit Problem Solving for Commissioners, Time—43:29
The purpose of this video is to help commissioners handle 14 of the most common unit problems. The video sets up a major unit problem, viewers discuss how to deal with each problem, and then the video presents other possible solutions to these problems. This training will help commissioners prevent, minimize, and solve unit problems.

District Key 3 Orientation, Time—12:00
This training presentation explains the roles and functions of the district Key 3, with emphasis on their collaborative efforts to lead a successful district.

Highlights of District Operations for the 21st Century:
Section 1—How Districts Operate, Time—14:52
Section 2—Recruiting District Volunteers, Time—16:30
Includes two sections: "How Districts Operate" and "Recruiting District Volunteers." "How Districts Operate" is an excellent orientation for a new district volunteer. It describes the role of each committee member. This is for use with new or potential district committee members. "Recruiting District Volunteers" is aimed at key district leaders and operating committee chairs. It explores different techniques of recruiting.

Commissioner Annual Orientation, AV-04DVD03

This DVD will assist the council and districts in the orientation of new commissioners and can be used with experienced commissioners as a motivational tool and an orientation to the new process. Each council was mailed copies of this DVD for each district in Mid-February. Additional copies may be purchased from Supply Division. The Spring 2006 edition of The Commissioner will provide details on how to implement it in your council.


Commissioner Volunteer Duties Cards , No. 34265D
Use these sheets of eight wallet-size cards to remind commissioners of their exciting responsibilities in the Boy Scouts of America. This sheet of cards includes duties for council commissioner, district commissioner, assistant district commissioner, roundtable commissioner and unit commissioner.

NEW! Commissioner Conference Folder, No. 331-028, for use at the annual conference of all commissioners in the council.

Unit Commissioner Program Notebook, No. 26-006
This pocket-size commissioner planner, calendar, and resource guide helps unit commissioners plan and schedule their weekly and monthly service to units. It's available annually from Boys' Life magazine.

Uniform inspection sheets for

The Distinguished Commissioner Service Award administered by the local council.

Selecting Cub Scout Leadership

Guiding a chartered organization in the process of selecting unit leaders is one of the commissioner's most important tasks.

Year-Round Service to Chartered OrganizationsExternal Link

Selecting District People, No. 34512

Volunteers are the single greatest resource of the Boy Scouts of America. They provide leadership for boards, committees, units, and finance. This book is designed to help key district leaders determine the number of people needed to operate an effective district, and then to locate, select, and recruit them.

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