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Council Commissioner


  • Report to the council president and serve as an officer of the local council, a member of its executive board and executive committee, and as a National Council member representing the local council.

  • Be responsible for the unit service function of the council.

  • Chair the regular meetings of the district commissioners.

  • Be sure that districts provide opportunities for immediate commissioner orientation, frequent basic training course, and training topics at all monthly commissioner meetings.

  • Plan and conduct an annual commissioner conference for training, recognition, and morale.

  • Appoint assistant council commissioners.

  • Assist district nominating committees in selecting district commissioners as needed.

  • Guide district commissioners to recruit full staffs.

  • Verify that proper techniques are used to select and recruit unit leaders.

  • Maintain procedures to ensure maximum on-time unit charter renewal by district commissioner staffs.

  • Be sure each district has a commitment and strategy to provide prompt, intensive and persistent care when major problems occur that could threaten the life of a unit.

  • Maintain a Boy Scouts of America standards of uniforming, wearing of insignia, use of the program, and other policies and procedures.

  • Promote the Quality Unit as a standard of performance and ensure, through the district commissioners, recognition of unit leaders and units achieving this standard.

  • Be responsible, through the district commissioners for the effective use of the annual service plan to ensure the health and tenure of units.

  • Keep the president and executive board apprised of the condition of units.

  • Cooperate with the membership/ relatioships chairman to successfully conduct the annual membership recruiting effort.

  • Serve as a memebr of the council Key 3, working in close cooperation with the council president and Scout executive.
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