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Commissioner Worksheets

    Self-Evaluation for Unit Commissioners

    Unit commissioners may ask, "How will I know I'm doing a good job?" That's an important question for all Scouters. There are several answers.

    A unit commissioner is successful when the units the commissioner serves are successful. Are your assigned units providing a quality program for youth? Are your assigned units growing in membership? Did your units register on time? Did they meet the requirements for the National Quality Unit Award?

    A good tangible "yardstick" that provides unit commissioners with specific checkpoints of their effectiveness is the Self-Evaluation for Unit Commissioners, No. 34424A.

    This one-page form has more than 20 areas to mark either "outstanding," "satisfactory," or "needs improvement." After you have filled it out, review it with your assistant district commissioner or district commissioner. Discuss with them how you might provide even better service to units.

    We often say that a commissioner's best work needs to be done with our weakest units. Therefore, the fairest use of data in a unit commissioner's evaluation is to measure the improvement in the unit from the time the commissioner was first assigned to the unit, or by specific problems the commissioner helped that unit to solve.

    A commissioner is a person who sets high goals and has high standards. America's youth deserve no less!

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